“Lolita” by Vladimir Nabokov

Read in: January 2015
Edition and format: Vintage 1989/Paperback
First published: 1955


“My heart was a hysterical unreliable organ.”

So are the reader’s heart and mind when exploring this fascinating world of words. I’ve tried so hard to understand the character of Humbert Humbert, that I’m not sure if he was written to be understood anymore.
What I know is that I’ve rarely seen prose as powerful as this. I see Nabokov as a creature of words, always aware of their extraordinary potential, seeking to use it, turn it around, toy with meanings and associations, playfully challenging the reader and showing him the way into a dark and mysterious world of his design.

“While a few pertinent points have to be marked, the general impression I desire to convey is of a side door crashing open in life’s full flight, and a rush of roaring black time drowning with its whipping wind the cry of lone disaster.”

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