Series review: Marianne (2019)

Series name: Marianne
Availability: Netflix
Number of episodes: 8
Watched in: June 2020

Marianne (TV series) - Wikipedia

Superbly executed horror is not only possible, but very real.
This series gets under your skin before the very first scene is even over.
Exceptional writing, solid pacing, great performances, credible and likeable characters (presented with warts and all), amazing soundtrack, stunning cinematography.
It delivers some real scares (the kind where you have to pause to summon the strength to go on), while delving deep into the psychology of the characters.
I found Emma’s character to be wonderfully charming, with her cool facade and many flaws and terrible secrets. Marianne is terrifying in all of her incarnations (especially as Madame Daugeron). The cast of characters is really diverse and they’re all well portrayed and given the full spectrum of human traits: quirky, funny, kind, morally ambiguous, mysterious, weak, tough, honest, fickle…what a playground for a both a viewer and a demon to explore!
What I particularly appreciated are the hilarious moments that happen at just the right time, relieving a bit of the tension without taking away from the drama. Creating a horror series is exceptionally difficult, especially one that doggedly sticks to its concept to the very end. Its bloody twists and gory turns unwind in a kind of zig-zag pattern that manages to avoid the clichés of the genre and tell a story that stays with you.
If you end up dreaming about Marianne for a while afterwards, it’s only because she never leaves empty-handed.

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